Introduction to Film Studies (Summer 2010)

Class Schedule


Film as Technology and Industry

6/20  Introduction to the Course

6/21  Film Technology and Early Cinema   Post to Film Forum

6/22  The Film Industry   Assignment #1 Due


Film Form and Narrative: Classical Hollywood Cinema and Its Alternatives

6/23  Film Form and Narrative   Post to Film Forum

6/24  No class.


Film Style

6/27  Film Genre and Classical Hollywood Cinema   Assignment #2 Due

6/28  Mise-en-Scene   Post to Film Forum 

6/29  Cinematography   Assignment #3 Due

6/30  Editing   Post to Film Forum

7/1  Sound & Workshop: How to do a Sequence Analysis   Assignment #4 Due


Film History

7/4  No Class. Independence Day

7/5  Silent and Classical Cinema   Assignment #5 Due

7/6  The New Wave and Beyond   Post to Film Forum

7/7  Presentations  Post to Film Forum

7/8  Presentations  Post to Film Forum (optional extra credit post)

7/11 Final Paper Due