Course Information

Buster Keaton in Sherlock Jr. (1924)Class Meetings

Time: M-F, 9:30-11:20, First Summer Session

Room: Swift 720


 Prof. Todd Herzog (Office: 731 Old Chemistry / E-mail Prof. Herzog)

Course Description

This course offers a broad introduction to the study of film. We will consider such issues as: (1) the process of film production and distribution, (2) the techniques of film art, (3) methods of film theory and criticism, and (4) important movements in film history.

A major emphasis of the course will be learning how to analyze a film. Students will be introduced to the vocabulary involved in film analysis and will practice analyzing film sequences, as well as discussing films as a whole. Examples for discussion will be drawn from various national cinemas and will include films from the earliest silent shorts to contemporary cinema.

Classes will consist of lectures, workshops, and discussions. There is no textbook for the course. Instead, students prepare for class sessions with shorter assignments that prepare for the session and longer assignments that consolidate the information from each of the course's main sections (Film Tech and Industry, Film Form, Film Style, and Film History). Regular attendance is necessary for successful completion of this course. If you must miss a class, please let me know.


There are a total of 1,000 points possible in this course.

Assignments: 500 points (5 x 100)

Film Forum Posts: 60 points (10 points per post, minimum 6 required ... extra credit for extra posts)

Final Presentation: 100

Final Paper: 200

Attendance and Participation: 140

Class Schedule

Film as Technology and Industry

6/20  Introduction to the Course

6/21  Film Technology and Early Cinema   Post to Film Forum

6/22  The Film Industry   Assignment #1 Due


Film Form and Narrative: Classical Hollywood Cinema and Its Alternatives

6/23  Film Form and Narrative   Post to Film Forum

6/24  No class.

6/27  Film Genre and Classical Hollywood Cinema   Assignment #2 Due


Film Style

6/28  Mise-en-Scene   Post to Film Forum 

6/29  Cinematography   Assignment #3 Due

6/30  Editing   Post to Film Forum

7/1  Sound & Workshop: How to do a Sequence Analysis   Assignment #4 Due


Film History

7/4  No Class. Independence Day

7/5  Silent and Classical Cinema   Assignment #5 Due

7/6  The New Wave and Beyond   Post to Film Forum

7/7  Presentations  Post to Film Forum

7/8  Presentations  Post to Film Forum (optional extra credit post)

7/11 Final Paper Due