Film Today, Course Wrap-Up, and Discussion of Final Projects

Session Preview

In this session we return to our discussions at the beginning of the course and look at the present state of the film industry. We will also wrap up our discussions for the semester and talk about the final project. 


Assignment Due for This Session

How would you describe the film world today? What kinds of films are popular? What do you think the future holds for the cinema?  Post your thoughts in the comments below.


Assignment Due December 11

Choose a film that you find interesting and which we did not discuss (extensively) in class. The film may be old or recent, "arthouse" or mainstream, documentary or feature or animated. What is important is that it is interesting to you. The key is to use it to demonstrate the techniques taught in this course. Discuss its form and narrative strategies, analyze its style (with references to specific scenes), and situate it within film genres and history. Divide your paper into five sections corresponding to the bullet points below: (1) Introduction: background, genre, place in film history; (2) Why I chose this film; (3) Film Form, (4) Film Style, (5) How the tools and material I learned in this course helped me to understand and/or appreciate this film differently from how I would have at the before taking the course.  Approximately 5 pages total. Please e-mail the paper to Professor Herzog.

Some Tips on Writing Your Paper

  • Begin with a brief introduction to the film: (1) when and where was it made?, (2) who was involved in making the film (director, actors, studio, etc.), (3) what genre(s) does it fit into?, (4) how does it relate to other films that came before or after it?

  • Tell us why you find this film interesting.

  • Discuss the film's form: (1) how does it narrated?, (2) how is it structured?

  • Discuss the film's style: (1) choose an importance sequence, (2) discuss the sequence, (3) show how the sequence fits into the entire film.

  • Tell us how the tools and material you learned in this course helped you to understand and/or appreciate this film differently from how you would have at the before taking the course.