The Player


The Player, dir. Robert Altman (USA, 1992)

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Assignment for this Session

For this session, watch The Player, Robert Altman's satire of the Hollywood movie industry. To prepare for the class discussion, think about how Hollywood is depicted in this film.

  • What roles are played by the major figures involved in the film industry (producers, directors, actors, writers, studios)?

  • What types of films is the studio interested in producing? What happens to the film Habeas Corpus between the time it is first pitched and when it finally is ready to premiere?

  • What does Griffin say needs to be in any picture that he will greenlight (authorize to be made)? Does The Player have any of these characteristics?

In the comments below, please give a short answer to the question of how Hollywood is depicted in The Player . 

How to View the film

This film is available on Netflix (not Watch Instantly) and on Amazon (for rental and purchase). It is also available for streaming on the course Blackboard page.