Editing II

Session Preview

In this session we continue our look at the art of film editing. We will look at examples of different types of editing and the very different effects they can have.

Assignment Due for This Session

Watch the following clip from Battleship Potemkin (dir. Sergei Eisenstein, USSR, 1925). How would you describe the editing style? Does it employ continuity editing? Does it keep you oriented as to what is happening and spatial relations? What is the effect of the way the shots are put together?


The Blackest Friday

Video edited by UC student Sam Pennybacker that is, he writes: "an homage to, and implementation of, the montage editing techniques developed and theorized by Sergei Eisenstein. In particular, I was most inspired by the Odessa staircase sequence from his 1925 film Battleship Potemkin, which I combined into this video."