October 15: Discussion of Topics for Final Paper

Session Preview

Coming up with a topic to work on is one is one of the most exciting parts of the research process. But it can be frustrating (increasingly so as the stakes get higher: thesis, dissertation, book project) and is rarely addressed systematically. In this session, we will: (1) Talk about how to find and refine a topic for research and (2) Come up with topics for our final papers. 


Assignment One (due October 15): Come up with at least three potential topics for your final paper. Work with your partner to discuss your ideas. Come to class prepared to: (1) discuss your topic ideas with the class and (2) talk about the process by which you settled upon these topics. Everyone will have 5-10 minutes devoted to their topics.

Assignment Two (due October 21): Post your chosen paper topic in the comments below. Be be as clear and efficient as you can at this point in defining the scope of your proposed research project.