Golden Autumn

In the United States, we tend to talk about Autumn Colors. In Germany and Austria, they speak of Goldener Herbst (Golden Autumn). Color plays a role here too, but I like the way the term golden emphasizes the light. I just got back from a trip to Salzburg, Austria, where I was fortunate to experience the Autumn leaves at their peak on a remarkable string of clear, sunny Fall days. This is a beautiful part of the planet at any time, and I have never seen it looking more attractive. I was continually mesmerized when I would turn a corner and the light would bounce off of the mountains, shine through the leaves – yellow and orange and red – and bathe everything in a golden glow.

I kept trying to capture this glow, which was both as artificial as if I had stepped into a frame from an anime videogame and as natural as … well walking through the woods. But it kept eluding me. I could photograph the light in the distance, but not from within it. I’m sure there’s a good metaphor for something there. But I wanted good pictures. This one starts to get at the mixture of tonalities of light. But to get the truly golden experience, I guess you had to be there.

The settings for this picture are below. I didn't tweak it much in iPhoto (a few adjustments to exposure, a touch more color saturation).



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