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The British Documentary Movement

Here are three films from the British Documentary Movement, a school of filmmaking that flourished in the UK from the mid-1920s until the end of World War II. These films are beautiful and skillful nationalist texts that weave together a community of Britons across geographic and class lines. 

Ngram Battle: The Four Seasons
Supercut: The Cinematic Prater


Those video montages that isolate a recurring motif (a phrase, image, an action) from various sources and edit them together rapidly to bring attention to that recurring motif are typically considered the purview of what Andy Baio referred to as "obsessive-compulsive superfan[s]" when he coined the term supercut in a 2008 blog post. Baio's comments had been prompted by a viral video montage of every instance of the term "What" from the TV series LOST. They can be lots of fun to watch, such as this fantastic supercut of every movie reference in The Simpsons -- which ended up as an epic double-feature and still made it only to season 10. Or this supercut of every cameo made by Alfred Hitchcock.

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